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CHILDLINE Contact Centre (CCC)​

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Daus Nau Aath….! CHILDLINE 1098 service is a 24 hour free emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection and the voice of every distressed child reaches us through the CHILDLINE Contact Centre (CCC). This is the central facility to which all 1098 calls are directed. The modern- day technology of a Call Centre was adopted by CHILDLINE in 2008 to provide a more systematic approach to Call Management and documenting.

CHILDLINE Contact Centre (CCC)

The CHILDLINE Contact Centre (CCC) is a 24 hour voice response facility of CHILDLINE run out of a modern Business Processes Outsourcing facility. CCC answers calls 24X7 from children at national level in need assistance and ensures children are provided help through partners at the local level. It uses the contemporary technology of a Call Centre. The Telecom & IT technologies are integrated to provide script based voice response to calls on 1098, connect to CHILDLINE Partners to facilitate interventions, record calls, generate database.

Once a call is received at CCC, it is answered by trained CHILDLINE Contact Officer (CCO). If the call resolution can be completed on the phone it becomes a CCC operation. However in calls requiring Direct Intervention, the CCO will capture details and make an outbound call to the Collab Partner (the CHILDLINE Interventions unit) in the city where the call has come from. Then the Collab partner takes over, indicates to the CCC an Estimated Time of Intervention and post intervention reports the complete case details to CCC - this enables the CCC to complete the case documentation. Sometimes the caller speaks in a local dialect. In such cases CCC facilitates and immediate conference call with the local Collab partner.

Since direct interventions calls are under 20% of all CHILDLINE Calls, the CCC frees up the time of CHILDLINE Collab Partner teams for a variety of field work including outreach programmes, networking with resource organisations, sensitization of Allied systems organizations, issue based intervention initiatives, etc.

As part of a modern Call Centre, several operational facilities are available to us. These include: recording of all inbound and outbound calls, enforcing quality standards on call response, barging into live calls by Supervisor, tracking of speed of call response for every CHILDLINE Contact Officer (CCO), tracking the time of day and day of week for all calls to trace busy time zones and busy days for calls, tracking of calls abandoned (abandoned calls are those that fail to reach a CCO and are terminated- either because the line drops or because of other telecom related issues). For cities connected to CCC, the case documentation and call stats reporting is done by CCC. CCC processes include:

  • A comprehensive Call Management system using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, with formats for recording details/requirements of callers, with prompting scripts for responding to calls, built in Resource directories for each city.
  • Process to manage interaction with our Intervention Partners.
  • Case documentation process.
  • A floor management process that ensures each language group is present 24 hrs on the floor.
  • A Quality Assurance process that rates the performance of all CHILDLINE Contact Officers (CCOs) on a defined set of parameters and ranks CCOs for performance.
  • Regular training processes covering training on facility, software, voice modulation, Child Rights/Child Protection issues, interaction with Intervention units.

CCC team includes Location Manager, Supervisors, QA Coordinators, Floor Coordinators, CCOs and admin incharges. The team profile is graduates and above – mostly MSW or MA with psychology.

CHILDLINE Contact Centre (CCC)
CCC team in traditional attire during the Diwali celebrations 2013

Current Status:

As of March 2014 one CCC located at Mumbai serviced 141 cities of North and west regions and serviced upto 3 million calls per year. In 2014-15 CCC is expanding to support CHILDLINES across India. Additional locations are coming up in Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai (Mumbai will have two locations). In order to manage the multi location CCC a state—of-the-art technology is being deployed. This consists of remote located Data centre with WAN, CRM and recording servers. The data centre will have an backup (secondary) data centre located in a separate city. The data centre will be connected to CCC at all locations via a MPLS cloud based connectivity. The technology partner and BPO facilities partner for CCC is Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

CCC is a part of the Communications and Strategic Initiatives department of CIF.