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CHILDLINE India Foundation Goals

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CHILDLINE India Foundation Goals

CHILDLINE India Foundation is the central agency responsible for initiating, implementing and monitoring the CHILDLINE service and undertaking research, documentation, awareness, and advocacy in the area of child protection. Extending the network based on the unique partnership 'model' and initiation of specialized, innovative need based services, based on trends emerging from analysis of calls is a part of the CHILDLINE India Foundation mandate.

The Goals for CIF are:

  • To establish one common brand for CHILDLINE, making it the most recognized reference point in the field of Child Rights.
  • To set up systems and processes for existing CHILDLINE city and district teams to:
  1. Enhance service excellence
  2. Move from being activity-oriented to goal-oriented
  • To launch the CL service to the most under-represented and under-reached geographical and thematic child rights areas
  • To make National Initiative for Child Protection (NICP) the most comprehensive initiative in the country for mainstreaming child protection.
  • To optimize new technologies for upscaling CHILDLINE, reducing the cost per call and making operational systems more professional
  • To develop systems and processes to ensure performance excellence in CIF
  • To develop new roles and cross-functional leadership positions to facilitate CIF's journey to the next phase of its growth.
  • To integrate child participation within CIF governance through a children's advisory council
  • To raise local resources to deepen individual commitment and stake in CHILDLINE.
  • To develop an innovations funds/fellowship to spur new ideas in the sector.