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CHILDLINE India Foundation » Annual Reports

The Annual Report is a statutory document containing all required financial reports. It also presents a comprehensive overview of each of the functional departments in CHILDLINE India Foundation.

It is a yearly publication highlighting the key events and the growth of CHILDLINE in a particular financial year. It contains detailed information of how funds were raised and utilized, important events, case studies and an overview of the calls answered.

CIF believes that an Annual report is an important instrument for ensuring transparency and accountability of any organization. Therefore, the Credibility Alliance with voluntarily reporting is complied every year. CIF meets Credibility Alliance norms for Annual Reports.

CIF won the CSO Partners Outstanding Annual Report Awards for the Voluntary Sector in the year 2010 for 'transparency and accountability' under the Large Category.

CIFs Annual Report for 2011-12 won the first prize in the Public Relation Society of India (PRSI) National Awards 2013 under the Best Annual Report category.

CIFs Annual Reports are available on this website for everyone's access and perusal.

To view / download our previous Annual Reports, CLICK on any of the following links:

FCRA Reporting for 2015-16:

FCRA funds received from


Visual Graphics Computing Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 20,00,000/​-

​Google India Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 1,55,11,700/-​