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Anchorage Orphanage Case

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CHILD Protection & Rights » Anchorage Case History » The Trail Of Abuse

CHILDLINE India Foundation's history with the Anchorage case

Anchorage case count down



Duncan Alexander Grant (64), a Retired British Navy officer comes to Mumbai to rehabilitate street children. He starts three shelters under the name of Anchorage at Colaba and Cuffe Parade in Mumbai and Murud Janfira in Raigad district.




He appoints William D'Souza (47) as the manager of the shelters and forms a board of trustees. About 100 boys aged between eight to 13 years at the Colaba shelter, 70 at Murud Janjira, and 40 aged between 14 to 18 years at Cuffe Parade are given food, pocket money and English lessons. Grant's friend Allan John Waters (59), a former Royal Navy officer, regularly visited the shelters




Anchorage Shelter Foundation was known to CHILDLINE India Foundation since its inception. CHILDLINE team interacted with Duncan Grant, Director and Founder of Anchorage Shelter Foundation at a number of including CHILDLINE birthday parties. Mr. Duncan expressed interest in collaborating with the CHILDLINE service.


CHILDLINE team visited the shelter home at Colaba where Duncan Grant resided with the boys. CHILDLINE team members puzzled at close physical interaction that was observed between the boys and Duncan. Large amounts of money was given to the children to spent lavishly by Duncan


January 2000

Rumours about sexual and physical abuse at Anchorage circulates among city's social workers community in Mumbai


February 2001

CHILDLINE India receives first telephone complaints from Anchorage inmates from a volunteer saying Mr. William D'souza, Manager of the home physically abusing the children and regularly beat them up with sticks.


February 28, 2001


CHILDLINE call centers in Mumbai recorded calls from children from the Anchorage Shelter on its toll free number 1098 informing that they were being physically abused and needed help.


March 05, 2001

CHILDLINE contacted Ms. Maharukh Adenwalla, Child rights lawyer, after documenting calls of abuse received from children. Ms. Adenwalla requested the Maharashtra State Monitoring Committee (the Committee appointed by the Mumbai High Court to examine conditions in children's institutions), to visit the shelters and make note of the incidents.




May 21, 2001

A child from the Anchorage shelter in Murud brought to CHILDLINE Centre at Nair Hospital, Mumbai in a very critical condition. He died the next day. The doctors mentioned that the child's health had been neglected which resulted in the death of child.


In the same month, another boy, this time from the Anchorage shelter at Cuffe Parade, called CHILDLINE for medical help. He was beaten with a stick. After a medical examination, a Police complaint was filed at the local Cuffe Parade Police station. Both these cases of medical neglect and physical abuse were then shared with Ms. Maharukh Adenwalla and the Maharashtra State Monitoring Committee. However, no investigation was conducted till Ms Adenwalla filed a High Court Petition


August 18, 2001

An inspection by Maharashtra State Monitoring Committee for Juvenile Justice at Colaba and Cuffe Parade shelters of the Anchorage Shelter Foundation reveals boys being regularly beaten; members come across 'allegations' of sexual abuse.


October 17, 2001

The statements of Anchorage Shelter children were recorded by Ms. Meher Pestonji, an author and freelance journalist in Mumbai. The children spoke about their experiences of abuse by Duncan Grant, Allan Waters and William D'souza at the Anchorage Shelters.


October 19, 2001


The Bombay High Court asked the respective Police stations to investigate into the matter and submit the investigation report on December 5 th 2001. The order also asked CHILDLINE India Foundation to submit a Rehabilitation Plan to the Court to safeguard the interest of the children residing in the shelter home.


October 24, 2001


Five boys lodge Police complaint regarding the physical, sexual abuse of boys, organised paedophilia and sexual trafficking in Anchorage Shelter Foundation, Mumbai.


October 2001

The case was registered at the Colaba Police Station under sections 377 & 372 IPC and sections 23 & 25 of the Juvenile Justice [Care and Protection of Children] Act 2000.

Charges were filed against Grant and Waters, alleging sexual and physical abuse. Grant and Waters, then in the UK, refuse to return to India


The complainant and four other witnesses [all children who were residents of the Anchorage shelter) admitted to heinous sexual crimes having been perpetrated upon them. The statements of the boys show the existence of an organised business of child sexual abuse and exploitation that also has an international dimension.

Ms Maharukh Adenwalla was appointed Amicus Curae (friend of court) in the writ petition by the Court.

November 2001


The Interim Committee comprises of eleven member from NGOs in Mumbai was formed to ensure safe, ethical and professional functioning of the shelter home and safe transition for the children and volunteers of Anchorage till a new management took over the functioning of the home. CHILDLINE India Foundation coordinated Interim Committee


December 2001

William D'Souza, Manager of Anchorage Shelters was arrested


April 2002


Police issued International warrants and Interpol 'red corner' notices for Grant and Waters


May 2002


Grants visits Kenya to set up shelters in Nairobi


June 2011


Grant moves on to Tanzania to open shelters in Dar-E-Salaam


June 17, 2002


Willaim D'Souza released on bail by the Bombay High Court


November 2002


Waters makes first of three trips to Dar-E-Salaam where Grant has set up a shelters for homeless children.


July 3, 2003


Waters was arrested at New York's International Airport en route to Bermuda and kept in custody. Anchorage manager William D'Souza held.





UK newspaper publishes articles and photographs of Grant working with children in Tanzania


February 2004


Extradition proceedings begin for Waters


September 6, 2004


Waters deported to India from USA. Grant arrested in Tanzania; India wants his extradited.


May 2005


India's request turned down as it does not have a extradition treaty with Tanzania.

June 2005


Grant deported to UK from Tanzania. UK Police fail to arrest as Grant misses connecting flight and arrives 7 hours late. One week later, Grant is tracked down by a newspaper to his sister's house in London.


July 2005


Grant voluntarily returns voluntarily to India; arrested on arrival in Mumbai.


March 18, 2006


India Off to Paedophile Destinations, Warns Judge. ''Let paedophiles around the world know that India should not be their destination in future,'' said P.S. Paranjape, Sessions Court judge, Mumbai


The Bombay High Court suggests changes in IPC Section 377 : Acquitting two Britons on charges of paedophilia, the Bombay high court suggested changes in IPC Section 377 which classifies homosexual relations as being 'unnatural'.



March 2006

Grant and Waters convicted by sessions court, jailed for 6 years, ordered to pay 20,000 pounds each to victims on charges of unnatural sex (Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code). They were found guilty under sections of 373, 374 and 377 of the Indian Penal Code. But both claimed they were victims of a conspiracy by another paedophile who convinced the boys to make malicious complaints to social workers. William D'Souza was sentenced to three years in prison.

January 2008


Grants , Waters and William's appeal comes up in Bombay High Court

July 23 2008:



Duncan Grant, Allan Waters and William D'Souza cleared of paedophilia charge. HC upholds appeal, rejects evidence that they had sexually abused children at Colaba shelter. After spending over three years behind bars, they were acquitted of charges.


August 01,2008


The Supreme Court admitted Anchorage case for hearing, against the decision of the Bombay High Court to acquit the Anchorage Case a special Leave Petition was filed by Maharukh Adenwala and CHILDLINE India Foundation


August 2008


The Supreme Court also indicated a three week period for commencement of hearing and asked the Police to withhold the Passport and has also requested the Consulates not to entertain requests for Visa.





March 18,2011


JUSTICE AT LAST: Landmark Judgement: The Supreme Court upheld the appeal (Cr Appeal no 476 ) by CHILDLINE India Foundation and the Maharashtra Government against the Mumbai High Court Judgement in the Anchorage case.




P Sathasivam and Dr Balbir Singh Chauhan, HC Justices upheld the Sessions court judgment and sent Alan Waters and Duncan Grant back to jail to run their sentences.




The land mark judgement delivered by the High court sends a clear signal that no child in the country can be sexually exploited.



July 9,2012



The London Court imposed a five year 'Foreign Travel Order' to convicted pedophile Duncan Grant banning him from leaving UK. The Court also ruled to place Duncan Grant and  Allan Waters on the Sex Offenders Register for life. The order is to make sure that they no longer represents a threat to children.