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CHILDLINE Se Dosti Season 2010

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CHILDLINE organised a week-long awareness campaign - 'CHILDLINE Se Dosti' from the 8th -14th of November, 2010 to make ordinary citizens stakeholders in CHILDLINE 1098. The ostensible purpose of this campaign was to generate a Million 'Dosts' for CHILDLINE and acquaint people with Child Rights and Protection. Be it a student, a taxi driver, an IT professional, a rickshaw puller or a housewife, it was the objective to reach out to people from different walks of life to get to know CHILDLINE, begin to care about vulnerable children and initiate action towards change.

The campaign included activities ranging from cricket matches in the Meerut, Kite flying in Udaipur, coolies in Baroda spreading awareness by wearing Childline Badges, a motorcycle rally in Berhampur, a signature campaign in Kochi, tying of Suraksha Bandhans to police personnel in Chennai to a Childline Bus creating hype in public spaces.

CHILDLINE Se Dosti Season 2010