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Networking & Advocacy

We at CHILDLINE are constantly networking & advocating to safeguard the rights of children in India. In the case of CHILDLINE, the potential of advocating on Child Rights is certainly higher mainly because of its widespread partnership across the country and involvement of multidisciplinary stakeholders in the processes of interventions at grass-root level. However, a planned system and common strategy needs to be placed to build the advocacy strength of the Network.

Networking has been the core activity of advocacy strategies. Networking is a deliberate attempt to link individuals, institutions, organisations, and communities to generate collective response to the issues of concern. The processes of public advocacy are incomplete in lack of collective voice of people. The networks generate this voice through effective awareness, education programme on governance and the issues of concern. Networking is also important to evolve responses from different layers in the society. In Indian context, it has its own value.

Networks in India help in dealing with the conflicts generated among the different social groups/ sections due to high level of social stratification and cultural diversity. Networking brings meaning to the cross-sectional debates/ dialogues through building collective action and strengthening the voice of people.

The 3 core issues for advocacy at CHILDLINE are:

  • JJ Act, 2000 Implementation
  • Child Trafficking and
  • Child labour

The core objective of our advocacy model is:

  • To streamline all the existing advocacy initiatives from states
  • To take up national level advocacy initiatives and strategies action
  • To develop alliances with other networks and campaigns
  • To initiate, lead and strengthen the issue based campaigns
  • To develop the media attention to key issues and create a political pressure groups
  • To document the processes and disseminate information to the network.

The Components of Advocacy include:

  • Media Advocacy
  • Judicial Advocacy
  • Advocacy with bureaucracy
  • Legislative Advocacy

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