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Child Helplines provide a single, easily accessible window for a child in distress to reach out to what the government and law guarantees them- safety, protection, health care, education and justice. The helpline provides a child-friendly interface, which the child can relate to. On the back end it links up to the allied systems, NGOs and the government. Thus facilitating child care/protection resources and organisations to reach the child at the time when the child needs it most. Telephone outreach services can link children to immediate rescue and safety; can provide solutions at the end of a phone and where necessary back up the voice of young people with direct interventions and advocacy.

The regional and international helpline consultations have emphasised the importance of co-ordination amongst children's help lines. Global networking and support is vital in order to address the main aim of all telephone outreach services- the protection of all children wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

How it all began

Child Helplines around the globe have been coming together both regionally and internationally since 1996, when they met for the first time in Venice, Italy. At the international consultation of child helpline in Pune, India in 2001, a number of child helpline representatives discussed together the need for a child helpline 'helpdesk', to support existing child helplines and to focus on helping to set up new ones where none yet existed.

CHILDLINE India, led by Ms. Jeroo Billimoria agreed to take on, the strategic planning and consensus building amongst the helplines. This led to the 2003 International consultation held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, attended by representatives from 49 help lines from around the globe, where Child Helpline International (CHI) was officially launched.

Today, Child Helpline International (CHI) is a global network of telephone helplines and outreach services for children and young people operates in over 143 countries across the globe. The CHI secretariat is based in Amsterdam and has responded to over 126 million calls.

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