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Paedophilia is criminal activity involving sexual offences against children by adults, including the production and distribution of child pornography. It is also known as criminal paedophilia.

The seduction of children is literally the RAPE of children. It is carried out by clever, mentally deranged persons called paedopliles. Paedophilia goes far beyond the physical dimension of sexual abuse. Paedophilia is an attack on a child's spirit.

When the paedophile seduces a child, the child's psychosexual development is fractured. The on-going damage to the child's psyche typically results in emotional, mental, and spiritual devastation of one kind or another. The child, at some point in their life, and rightfully so, blames the person who should have protected them from the sexual predator and failed to do so.

Surveys report that well over 90 per cent of perpetrators in child sex offences are males. Some suggest that there is serious under-reporting of female child-sex activity. Some suggest that female paedophiles (ie. preferential offenders) do not exist. When women are involved at all in such activity, their roles seem invariably to be subordinate ones, typically assisting their male partner.

Most paedophiles become aware of their sexual orientation during adolescence, though some say that they did not become aroused by children until middle age. A characteristic of some paedophile offenders, not shared with other types of criminals, is that they offend throughout their lives.

Paedophiles who commit offences rationalise their conduct and do not believe that they have done anything wrong.

Most paedophiles, it seems, do not act aggressively or violently towards children. Rather they attempt to gain the child's affection and interest by being friendly, often fixing on children who are otherwise deprived of affection. A small percentage, however, do not fit this description. It is not uncommon for paedophiles to go to great lengths over considerable periods of time to place themselves in situations where they can access children. Because paedophiles are, by definition, attracted to children, often of a fairly narrow age range, their attraction to any one child is only of limited duration. As the child grows older, the paedophile ceases to be attracted and seeks a younger replacement. Thus there is an in-built tendency to commit offences against a large number of victims.


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