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Rajasthan Child Policy

CHILD Protection & Child Rights » V. State Mechanisms » Notable State Policies, Programmes and Legislations » Rajasthan Child Policy


In 2008 the Government of Rajasthan felt the need to update and improve upon the 1974 National Child Policy with regard to the situation of children in the state. The main purpose of the policy is to create a secure, safe and reliable environment for every child to grow, develop and survive with dignity and without any discrimination or prejudice. The goals set out in the policy are:

  • To ensure nutrition and food security for children especially the needs of adolescent girls
  • To provide quality education to all children to the secondary level
  • To protect children from all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • To ensure adequate health care to all children from birth through adulthood with the aim of reducing IMR and MMR
  • To provide and care for children with HIV/AIDS
  • To provide children with access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities
  • To ensure coordination between concerned stakeholders as well as child participation

To policy discusses various issues and objectives of the state to address these issues. The policy has a chapter on each of the following issues: child health, childcare and nutrition, education, child protection, the girl child, and special focus groups such as children affected with HIV/AIDS, children affected by natural disasters and children with special needs. Eat section outlines the objectives, strategies, and implementation required to defeat these issues.

To download the full policy click here: Rajasthan Child Policy