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August 2010

East and North coordinate to Bust Child Trafficking Racket

“I am 18. Sachchi! (truly)”, swears a four feet ten inches tall boy in a voice which can easily pass off for a girl's, when quizzed by a CHILDLINE (CL) volunteer on April 23, at Lucknow station. He was clearly malnourished, but, even by those standards, he wasn't 18. He was trained to tell a lie, just like his other 36 undernourished train mates.
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CHILDLINE’s Amateur Branch Accomplishes Master’s Task: Unearths Bonded Labor Swindle

CHILDLINE Services started ringing in Ghaziabad in the month of March, 2010. Looking at the rapid real estate development with big business houses and software companies coming in past five/six years, Ghaziabad is considered as a significant part of National Capital Territory, Delhi.
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CHILDLINE’s Transparency and Accountability Wins Accolade

CHILDLINE India foundation (CIF) won CSO Partners’ Outstanding Annual Report Awards for the Voluntary Sector on March, 6, 2010 in New Delhi.
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Child Sexual Abuse - The Law and the Lacuna

Nine year old Roja was on her way to deliver her father’s lunch, it was a routine; when a 24 year old man abducted her. He not only raped her, but also banged her head repeatedly against a coconut tree. Confident that she will not survive, he left nonchalantly.

After spending a month in a neurological ward of a local Medico Hospital, Roja was home now, where CHILDLINE looked after her education while searching for a long term rehabilitation and care.

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CHILDLINE takes new leap in Child Protection

This year the Centre Government finally kicked off the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) with 11 states signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Centre, agreeing to implement the programme.

The ICPS will support expansion of CHILDLINE to all districts of the country. By 2012 CHILDLINE will extend its services to cover 305 districts of the country and by 2017 CHIDLINE will extend its coverage to all districts of the country. Civil society and government join hands to roll out the ICPS Focus energy and strategy on State Governments district administration, and Panchayati Raj Institutions with the objective of bringing attention to child protection seeking child protection budgets at the state and district level.
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Outreach with Asia–Pacific Child Helpline International

CHILDLINE India Foundation played host to the Asia –Pacific CHILD helpline International (CHI) regional meet this year at Mumbai. The meet was on the theme 'Innovative and Effective Outreach Strategies’ and was held from 14 to 16 January.
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Leaving an Impact on Young Minds

The day began with a zest to make a difference. Sixty committed employees of Deloitte reached their designated shelter homes at Juhu and Khar, to do their bit and help contribute to a better life for those less privileged than themselves.
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Kids find a new Dost in Vodafone

Mumbai. March 18, 2010, the Vodafone Corporate Office Terrace looked like it has undergone a makeover. A tent was set to slot in employee/volunteers for the day, dressed in Vodafone red T-shirts, CHILDLINE Team along with children from Yuva, Hamara Foundation and CHILDLINE Intervention Unit’s shelters. It was mid morning, and the summer sun was bright, highlighting the enthusiasm and zest of the people standing at the terrace.
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