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Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) & CHILDLINE

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CHILDLINE takes new leap in Child Protection



Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) & CHILDLINE

This year the Centre Government finally kicked off the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) with 11 states signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Centre, agreeing to implement the programme.

Three Things to Know About ICPS

  1. The ICPS is a centrally sponsored scheme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) with a 3fold objective :

•  Its unprecedented aim is to set in place a child protection infrastructure at the national, state and district level with outreach mechanisms that would penetrate blocks and villages.

•  To provide for a continuum of child protection services beginning with emergency services through CHILDLINE 1098. This focuses adequately on community based non institutional interventions like adoption, foster care, after-care, revamping government owned residential institutions, and strengthening statutory bodies and mechanisms for child protection

•  To strengthen the knowledge, information management and strengthen capacities of stakeholders on child protection issues through various innovative interventions that include closing the loop and integrating police, state run and privately run residential services, hospitals etc. through a missing children tracking system, educating the public on protection issues, and training and capacity building of stakeholders across the various levels of the allied systems

  1. The ICPS lays stress on the need for convergence; inter departmental coordination, and cross-sectored alliances with other ministries to create the partnerships required for ensuring a protective environment for children.
  2. Through the ICPS, CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) has been made the umbrella organization for CHILDLINE 1098 in India . Under the ICPS, CIF shall be given the status of a "Mother NGO" for running Childline Service in the country.

  CHILDLINE to spread its wings with the aid of ICPS

Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) & CHILDLINE

The ICPS will support expansion of CHILDLINE to all districts of the country. By 2012 CHILDLINE will extend its services to cover 305 districts of the country and by 2017 CHIDLINE will extend its coverage to all districts of the country.

The New Leap

Civil society and government join hands to roll out the ICPS Focus energy and strategy on State Governments district administration, and Panchayati Raj Institutions with the objective of bringing attention to child protection seeking child protection budgets at the state and district level. The role of CHILDLINE is defined in terms of:

•  Creating a child protection movement with a strategy aimed at enhancing child protection budgets at the national and state level, and quality implementation of child protection services.

•  Actively advocate for child protection policies to be adopted in all institutions, organizations, corporate, government and non government as a proactive measure to ensure child protection

•  Empower children and society to be aware and hold the system accountable for their rights

Living up to the Promise

The ICPS initiative has left big shoes for the CIF to fit in, and it is walking tall in them through following programmes and activities:

•  Responding to calls on the national toll free number 1098 and provision of rescue and emergency outreach services for children in need of care and protection;

•  Coordinating rescue and other outreach services with the help of relevant local departments like police, administration, labour, health, railways and others;

•  Ensuring proper documentation of all children rescued to facilitate their rehabilitation and restoration;

•  Functioning under overall supervision of the DCPS;

•  Producing children before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for ensuring care and protection;

•  Supporting the CWC in the long term rehabilitation of children, where required;

•  Supporting a national network for the tracking of missing children;

•  Providing data related to children rescued and rehabilitated to DCPS/SCPS for compilation of a national comprehensive database of child protection;

•  Creating awareness and ensuring access to the 1098 Child helpline (CHILDLINE) number;

•  Research, documentation, awareness and advocacy on issues related to Child helpline;

•  Establishing linkages with other child protection services, community and local bodies for child rescue.