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 Delhi Half Marathon - 2007

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Delhi Half Marathon - 2007

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The run up to the Marathon began with a kick off meeting held on the 6th of August by Give India. After the companies expressed interest in the Marathon, presentations were held for the employees, where they were given a talk on CHILDLINE and shown power point presentations

We at Childline India Foundation (CIF) enlisted the support of 3 Corporates with 4 Teams and one Dream Runner.

The details are given below:

Name of Team
Marathon Category
No.of Team
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
Corporate Challenge
Corporate Challenge
Corporate Challenge
Preet Dhupar
Dream Runner

Marathon Day

This year the Vodaphone Half Marathon was held at the Central Sports Grounds on Vinay Marg. This was a departure from the earlier years where the venue was Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. There was a huge increase in the number of Participants. On the Race Day, Give India estimated that they had collected nearly 1 Crore for Charities.

We met our Corporate Runners outside the venue and handed over the CHILDLINE banners as well as the small flags with the CHILDLINE logo. We also took pictures with them.

Our supporters:

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC):
A poll is conducted every year within the company and the charity which polls the highest number of votes is selected. The content along with the covering letter sent by us is internally circulated to the employees. This year we polled the maximum number of votes.

This is the 3rd year in a row they are running the Marathon .They were a 60 member group of enthusiastic runners. They ran in their company’s T- shirts and wore CHILDLINE caps and carried the customized banners that were created especially for them with the HSBC and the CIF logo. All the runners were also handed the small flags with the CHILDLINE logo.
HSBC run for Delhi Half Marathon-07


Sanofi-Aventis has been running for us at the Mumbai Marathon in the past. This year the Human Resources (HR) manager at Delhi was excited about the marathon and keen to participate. This was a novel experience for the company’s Delhi team. They were a 30 member group who wore their company’s T-shirts and caps and participated enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves. They came in their company’s T-shirts and caps. However they carried the CHILDLINE banner and the small flags with the CHILDLINE logo.
sanofi aventis  run for Delhi Half Marathon-07


They have run the marathon earlier and this year they decided to support us.
They were a 30 member team who participated. The Managing Director Mr. Krishan Dhawan of Oracle along with the rest of the team wore the CHLDLINE T-Shirts in the Marathon. The bright green colour of the T-shirts ensured that they were visible and could be easily spotted in the throngs of people. They also carried the CHILDLINE banner and the small flags with the CHILDLINE logo.
Oracle  run for Delhi Half Marathon-07

Preet Dhupar:

This is the second time in a row that she has run for CHILDLINE. She participated enthusiastically in the ‘Great Delhi Run’. This year she raised a substantial sum for CHILDLINE. In the run-up to the Marathon she was invited to a Press Conference organized by Procam at Le Meridien where she spoke about her experiences and her motivation to participate in the Marathon.
CHILDLINE India Foundation - Delhi Half Marathon 2007