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The CIF North RRC is based in New Delhi , the capital of the country and the center of governance. The main mandates of the North RRC include

  • Initiate and monitor CHILDLINEs in 8 states of the country namely Delhi , Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh , Jammu and Kashmir , Punjab, Haryana, Uttaranchal and the Union territory of Chandigarh .
  • Coordination and collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India for functioning of CHILDLINE.
  • Developing Strategic Allainces and partnerships on issues of common concerns
  • Advocacy on policy issues related to children.

CHILDLINE is presently operational in 17 cities across these 8 states in collaboration with 35 partner NGOs. The presence of CHILDLINEs across the 8 Northern states is at varying stages of growth. While CHILDLINE has had a presence in states of Delhi , Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chandigarh from last 6 - 7 years, they are relatively in an infancy stage in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir .

The cities wherein CHILDLINE is functional include Varanasi, Allahabad, Luckow, Meerut, Agra, Gorakhpur, Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota and Alwar in Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Delhi, Ludhiana in Punjab, Gurgaon in Haryana, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir.

The coverage of CHILDLINEs in these cities and states has been based on the nature and intensity of problems of children in the area. The issues related to children across these states vary depending in the socio cultural and demographic factors of the state but are to an extent interrelated also due to the proximity and interdependence of the states. The major issue related to children in Uttar Pradesh has been of Child Labour and Child Trafficking. The carpet industry in Varanasi , Bhadoi and Chandoli, the leather industry in Agra and Kanpur employ child labour in large proportions. Gorakhpur is the major transit point for trafficking of children into the country from Nepal Border. Children Pradesh is also one of the main source apart from Bihar and Jharkhand for Child labour in Delhi , Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab .

Rajasthan has one of the lowest per capita income within the northern states and also a significant proportion of Schedule tribe and schedule tribe population, which makes its problems unique. Jaipur is another major hub of trafficking of children. The vulnerability of children in Udaipur is largely due to a dominant tribal population, which has very low development indices. Due to the poor economic status of families, children are compelled to take up economic roles. Since agriculture is limited to the rainfed crop, there is a large-scale migration to Gujarat , which include large number of children. Kota is largely urban in its demography but faces a problem of large number of children who come to the city through the railway network.

Initiation of CHILDLINE in Punjab has been largely due to very low sex ratio along with large number of incidences of abandoning of the girl child. Haryana, which has one of the lowest sex ratio, has been facing consequences of discrimination against girls. The state does not have enough girls and therefore there has been an alarming trend of trafficking girls of young age for marriage of boys in Haryana. These girls initially bought face sexual abuse of various types. A large number of children are also trafficked into Gurgaon for domestic child labour.

CHILDLINE has been initiated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir to cater to the needs of children affected by militancy and conflict in the area. A large number of families from the conflict-affected zones of Kashmir have taken refuge in Jammu . The state has a large number of destitute children who have either lost both parents or one of the parent in the conflict. Moreover the militancy in the area has adversely affected the economy of the state. CHILDLINE is in a preparatory phase in Srinagar .

The other major mandate of North RRC is to coordinate and collaborate with the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India in implementation of the project. It also involves efforts of coordination among different ministries in Government of India as well as between the central government and the relevant departments in the state government.