CIF flowed in with the tide as the Relief camps set up by the government/NGOs, were overcrowded and could not cope with the numbers. Food and drinking water facilities were under pressure.

Bihar State, constitutes 16.5 % of the total flood affected area of India and has once again been hit hard. The breach in the eastern embankment of the Kosi River in North Bihar on 18th August 2008 resulted in the River changing its course and causing destruction in 15 districts in Bihar.

Evacuation in the flooded areas went upto 50,000 people per day, to cities like Delhi and Patna. People were boarding any trains they could get. People from flood-affected districts were moving into other districts. The Bihar Flood Management Information System has been tracking the floods:

6 most affected areas, in order of severity:
  1. Madhepura
  2. Supaul
  3. Saharsa is on High alert!
  4. Araria
  5. Purnea
  6. Katihar

In these Districts agricultural lands were waterlogged; inhabited villages were marooned, people were trapped in buildings, especially school children, Railway tracks have been submerged and boats are transporting essential commodities, including food. Given the enormity of the humanitarian crisis, the Prime Minister of India has declared it as a National Calamity.



The children as always, are among the worst hit - from Child abuse, Child trafficking, to Diarrhoea and Child trauma, deaths due to malnourishment and worst of all, they have even been sold. The Relief material being sent is generally for adults and not really targeted towards children.

Relief camps

The Govt camps are huge, each covering an area of 1-1 ½ sq kms. They do have facilities like hospital, school, telecom, police stations, but are however over crowded and too far away to reach. NGO camps are smaller yet they too are in a critical condition and unable to sustain their desired activities.


1. Established Child Help Desks in 3 prominent areas

a. For relief activities in Kataiya & Supaul
b. To rescue children from being traded like at Pratapganj, Supaul
c. To help children regain their normal lives like at Bellari, Kumarkhand (Block), Madhepura

2. Taking charge of the children in these camps (orphans as well as those with families), in terms of health monitoring and tracking Missing Children.

CHILDLINE has planned the setting up of Recreation cum Educational centres for children, to help them get their lives back on track. It will also provide a safe place for destitute children to stay till they can be absorbed into institutions or other systems.

MATERIALS MOBILISED & SENT for the children:

  1. Milk powder
  2. ORS sachets
  3. Mineral water (for children 0-3 age group) to be used with Milk Powder and ORS
  4. Biscuits from Parle’s
  5. Linen, Medicines, Clothes, Stainless steel glasses - Resources mobilised on a smaller scale from individuals and colleges in Mumbai.
  6. Kiosks, Posters, Banners, for awareness at the CHILDLINE help desks.

We thank our donors, especially HDFC Bank whose donations have made this possible.

Mr. Susovan (ERRC) is the project in-charge with Mr. Rakesh Yadav assisting him together with their team, which consists of 10 CIF CHILDLINE team members and 8 volunteers (youth from surrounding villages) carrying out the relief work.

Saharsa being one of the worst hit districts, is the head of all operations for the CHILDLINE Bihar relief work. The flat taken on rent there, is a place for staff & volunteers to rest as well as store relief material. A Vehicle aids quick relief work, as more and more areas are accessible.

We thank all those who supported us. Your contributions together with our presence in the area have made a difference to the children in Bihar.

For More Information on CHILDLINE or to Support us, do visit us at


CHILDLINE activities furthering UNICEF work

Helping Children crossing over at Supaul

SAP Jawan helping with distributing Milk at our Madhepura Help Desk

Towards Gidrahi & Belari Villages

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