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Uninor holds a social inclusion cricket match

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Uninor holds a social inclusion cricket match

CHILDLINE India Foundation » CIF Events » Uninor holds a social inclusion cricket match

Uninor, the Indian mobile network operator which serves more than 3 crore customers in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, took a very innovative step and organized a social inclusion cricket match. The match was played in Gurgaon on 24th June, 2014 between Uninor employees and five CHILDLINE partners who look after children in their own special ways:

  • Prayas
  • Salam Balak Trust
  • Don Bosco
  • Butterflies

The bright morning of 24th June saw the two teams against each other not for a tough fight but to create a memorable day of sports. This particular gentlemen’s game saw 11 Uninor employees facing the vibrant 11 children who were selected 3 each from the 4 CHILDLINE partners.

The players in action

Amidst roars of shouts and cheers the captain of the CHILDLINE team won the toss and chose to ball first. The air was filled with enthusiasm as players from both teams took their positions and were ready to create magic on the field. The game was an interesting one from the beginning when Jaydeep from the Uninor team hit the first six of the match.

The CHILDLINE team didn’t take long to get back on track. They created worthy strategies and kept their opponents on their toes throughout the match. Everyone was enjoying the spirit of the game to such an extent that even though the game was initially decided to be played for 7 overs, this was increased to 10 overs! At the end of the first innings the Uninor team closed at 46 runs all out.

The second innings was a nail-biting one with all eyes on the players. Nobody could predict the end result. It was intense and the spectators were at the edge of their seats. The Uninor team was in full form and all the players gave their best on the ground whether it was to run behind a ball or to hit between the wickets. The children from the CHILDLINE team took every ball in their stride and gave a marvellous shot one after another. At the end of this very zealous game, CHILDLINE won the match with 56 runs!

Rohit, the opening batsman for the CHILDLINE team remained on the pitch, batting for his team till the very end. He owned the crease and for his perseverance was conferred the ‘Man of the Match.’ Post the match there was a prize distribution ceremony in which all the players in the CHILDLINE team received token of appreciation from the CEO of Uninor, Mr. Morten Karlsen.

CEO of Uninor Mr. Morten Karlsen gives away the prizes

Ms. Aparna Srivastava, from the Resource Mobilization team of CHILDLINE India Foundation thanked Uninor on behalf of CIF for providing such a platform to the children so that they could show their skills and for encouraging them to play more often to better their game. The Uninor team were also grateful to CHILDLINE for allowing them to be a part of this cherished day.

CHILDLINE team rejoices after winning the match