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CHILD Protection & Child Rights » V. State Mechanisms » State Actors » State Commission on the Protection of Child Rights


The State Commissions for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) were to be established in each state as per the provisions of the Commissions for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005. It was set up to protect, promote and defend child rights in each state. The Commission consists of a chairperson and six members who are well versed in child welfare. At least one member should be a woman. The state commission is required to submit an annual report to the state government as well as special reports when an issue needs immediate attention.

The functions of the commission are the same as those of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights:

  • Examine any law or constitutional provisions to ensure that the safeguards of the law protect child rights
  • Provide the state government with recommendations to improve correct the safeguards
  • Inquire into child rights violations
  • Examine the risk factors for children affected by terrorism, communal violence, riots, natural disasters, domestic violence, HIV/ AIDS, trafficking, maltreatment, torture and exploitation, pornography, and prostitution and recommend appropriate remedial measures
  • Look into the special care and protection of children from distress, marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Study and ensure implementations of child rights treaties
  • Conduct research in the field of child rights
  • Create awareness through various mediums
  • Inspect any children's home or observations homes where children have been detained
  • Investigate the violation of human rights or the failures of the state or other to prevent a human rights violation

For a list of functional State Commissions please visit the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights website