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CHILD Protection & Child Rights » IV. National Mechanisms » Child Targeted Schemes & Programmes » Shishu Greha Scheme

Scheme of Assistance to Homes (Shishu Greh) for Children to promote In-Country Adoption is implemented by CARA. The purpose of the scheme is to regulate adoption in the country, to provide institutional care for orphaned, destitute and surrendered children prior to adoption and to promote in-country adoption. Under this scheme NGOs can register to run a Shishu Greh. 90% of funding will come from the Government of India and 10% must be covered by the organisation. 100% grants will be afforded to agencies but only up to Rs. 6,00,000/- a financial year. Under this scheme NGOs and Voluntary organisations can undertake the following activities:

  • Opening of Homes for destitute infants in the age group of 0-6 years with the strength of 10 children with a view to finding adoptive families for them. Such destitute infants could be abandoned/surrendered who are legally free for adoption.
  • Homes, which are already running on funds available from other sources, can also apply for separate grants for specific purposes such as purchase of medicines and utensils, library books, cradles, mattresses, learning materials, which could include toys also.
  • Such other activities as may be specified by the Ministry in accordance with the objectives of the scheme

The Shishu Greh Scheme now comes under the umbrella of the ICPS programmes.

For more information visit the Shishu Greh Scheme website