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CHILD Protection & Child Rights » IV. National Mechanisms » Child Targeted Schemes & Programmes » Scheme for Working Children in need of care and protection


The purpose of the Scheme for Working Children in Need of Care and Protection is to provide working children with essential educational services such as non-formal education, and vocational training. The training must aim at entering or re-entering children in the mainstream formal education system in cases where they have never attended school and where children have discontinued school. The programme aims at preventing and stopping the exploitation of working children and safeguarding their right to education.

The target of this scheme is projects in urban areas that are not covered by other schemes, especially those targeting children who are often left out of schemes such as children of slum/pavement dwellers/drug addicts, children living on railway platforms/ along railway lines, children working in shops, dhabas, mechanic shops etc., children engaged as domestic workers, children whose parents are in jail, children of migrant labourers/sex workers, leprosy patients etc.

The programme will lend financial support to projects that focus on the programmes objectives of entry/re-entry in mainstream formal education, provide family counselling and necessary vocational courses. NGOs who can qualify under this scheme must be registered, have adequate managerial body, have published aims and objectives, is self governing, and is a non-profit.

All organisation activities under this scheme will be subject to external audits, inspection, monitoring and evaluation.

The Scheme for Working Children in Need of Care and Protection now comes under the umbrella of ICPS programmes

For more information visit the Scheme for Working Children in Need of Care and Protection website