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CHILDLINE Recuse Vans Supported by HPCL

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CHILDLINE India Foundation operates three vans with support from HPCL - one each in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. These vans are geared to provide a quick and reliable mode of transport for the following interventions:

  • To rescue and transport children from a risk ridden situation to a safer space.
  • To create access for children in those places which are difficult to reach without a vehicle.
  • To act as a tool for outreach programs at locations such as colleges, schools, markets, theatres, fairs etc.
  • To help create a greater awareness which cannot be achieved by stationary kiosks or stalls.
hpcl van


Reached out to 6677 children and 10390 adults, totaling about 17067 individuals from April 2012 to March 2013

Activities include :

  • Rescue of children from domestic labour, tea shops, beggary rackets etc. There were also cases of children who were rescued from child marriage.
  • Open houses, mass outreach at some of the beaches, Ganapati Mandals, schools, railway stations and communities, orientation programs for the police force, educational support, health camps, interactions with street vendors.
  • Educational support, street plays on child sexual abuse etc.
  • Providing shelters for displaced mentally challenged children and restoration of lost children either to their families or homes, counseling the traumatized children and families.
  • The area of outreach extended from Virar to Colaba with the support of five partner organizations.


During the period April 2012 to March 2013, the van helped reach out to about 9067 individuals, including 3615 children. The Delhi High Court requested CIF to provide support to the child sexual abuse victims to present their final testimonies in court.

This involved home verification of the victims with the help of the local police station, production of the victims in court and generally ensuring that the victims were not harassed or pressurized by the abusers.

Other activities include :

  • Training workshop for Deputy Commissioners and Sub-Divisional Magistrates of NCR on identification and rescue of bonded child labour.
  • The unit also arranged door to door awareness at Balko Apartments, select buildings in Rohini Sector VI to XIII, Genpact corporate office etc. A memorable operation was the rescue of about 14 children from Seemanchal Express who were being trafficked. They were finally restored to their families.
  • The area of outreach extended to four zone in Delhi - North, East, West and Central with the support of 4 partner organizations.


The various activities include :

  • Handbill distribution, interaction with police officials, awareness among school children, teachers etc.
  • Awareness programs in malls, colleges, market places, PCO Centres, various communities, railway stations , bus stands, auto stands etc.
  • The station masters at the various railway stations, passengers, hawkers etc were also sensitized. A drive was organized during the Durga Puja by covering various pandals.
  • Restoration of runaway children, rescue of a girl tortured by mother, rescue of a 16 year old girl from child marriage, restoration of a wandering lost child etc. Often the rescued children also required hospitalization and medical treatment.
  • The area of outreach extended to North/North East Kolkata, South Kolkata , East Kolkata, Central Kolkata, West Kolkata, Howrah, South 24 Parghanas and North 24 Parghanas with the support of 5 partner organizations.
  • The unit reached out to about 10574 individuals including 6037 children during the period April 2012 to March 2013.

Statement on the number of children and adults impacted under the program


No. of children contacted under outreach

No. of children rescued

No. of Medical cases of children

No. of adults reached out

Total Number of individuals



























Childline received a call from a 13 year old girl who was working as a domestic help in a house at Bhendi Bazar. CHILDLINE team member visited the place and met the house owner. The owner reported that the girl had gone to school and would return by 3:30pm. The team visited the house at 3:45 pm. During the course of the conversation, it was found that the girl was brought from her native village in Bihar to work as a maid. The girl had to get up at 6 a.m. and do all the household chores till about 1 p.m. The school timing was 1-6 p.m., but she had to leave the school in between to pick up the owner’s children from their school and do the rest of the work at home.

Childline team took both the child and the house owner to J.J. Police station and reported the case to the police and asked them to take necessary action as per J.J act.

The police refused to file FIR since the child was not working under hazardous situation. The child was then produced before C.W.C. The Chairperson asked the J.J. Police to investigate and file a report. The police then filed an F.I.R. under the Sec 23 and 24 of the Juvenile Justice Care & Protection Act 2000, and Sec 3 of the Child Labour Act 1986 and IPC sec 374.


In August 2012 CHILDLINE received a call from Hare Street area. The caller talked about a child aged about 13 Years who was loitering around and looked lost. On talking to the child, the team learnt that he lived in a joint family in Uragarh village, between Panskura and Khirai railway stations. He used to study there but after he failed in class-IV, his parents stopped his education. So he decided to work like his brothers and came to Kolkata. He managed to get some work in a garment factory in Dum Dum area. He worked there for just two days, but the owner of the unit used to beat the children a lot. So to avoid his beating he ran away from the factory.

Childline took the child from the area where he was found, gave him temporary shelter, and later produced the child before CWC Kolkata. Subsequently, in coordination with the CWC of Purva Midnapur, the child was restored to his family.


CHILDLINE Delhi received an anonymous call on July 27 informing that 14 children, were abducted by some strangers and were aboard Seemanchal Express.

The matter was immediately flashed to the GRP and RPS Railway for urgent action. The police confirmed from the motorman regarding the next scheduled stop and accordingly with proper coordination between all concerned, the police apprehended the abductors and rescued the children at Anand Vihar. It was told that the children were Muslims and were being taking to a Madarsa. CHILDLINE took the children to GTB hospital for check up and provided temporary shelter for the night.

The next day the children were produced before the Child Welfare