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CHILD Protection & Child Rights » IV. National Mechanisms » Child Targeted Schemes & Programmes » Operation Blackboard

Operation Blackboard is a centrally sponsored programme which was started in 1987 immediately after the Rajiv Gandhi NPE of 1986 was released to supply the bare minimum crucial facilities to all primary schools in the country. The objective of the scheme is providing students studying in primary settings with the necessary institutional equipment and instructional material to facilitate their education. There is a provision to provide salary for an additional teacher to those primary schools that have an enrolment of more 100 students or for a consecutive period of two years. In the ninth five year plan the scheme was extended to all upper primary schools as well.

In attempt to improve the implementation of this scheme a few additional provision have been added. All teachers will be trained in using the materials provided by the scheme under a particularly designed teacher preparation programme. The state will provide for replacement of broken or non-functioning materials. At the local level, there will be some flexibility for purchasing additional items and teaching aids, which are applicable to the local situation. At least fifty percent of the teachers will be women, which in turn will affect the girl enrolment in school. School building will be designed according to local needs. The central government provides funds for school equipment and the buildings; the state government also raises funds through the Jawahar Rojgar Yojna scheme. An amount of Rs. 12.80 lakhs has been spent on the scheme from 1987 to1994.