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CHILD Protection & Child Rights » VII. International Mechanisms » International Juvenile Justice Observatory


The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) is an organisations that provides information, communication, debates, analysis and proposals concerning juvenile justice as well as children or young people who have social difficulties, behavioural problems or are in conflict with the law. The mission of the International Juvenile Justice Observatory is to "contribute a international and inter-disciplinary vision of juvenile justice in order to create a future for minors and young people all over the world who are in situations of exclusion as a result of infringements of the law". The IJJO aims at promoting international development strategies to create necessary policies, legislations and intervention methods with regard to global juvenile justice that is universally applicable in the world. The IJJO promotes and works towards the provisions of major international conventions and laws regarding juvenile justice such as UNCRC and UN Rules for the Protection of Juveniles.

The IJJO has specific objectives:

  • To develop an international forum for discussion of research, interventions, and legislation in order to address the problem of juvenile delinquency
  • To promote international relations regarding different ways to of addressing the problem: legal, psychological, criminological, social, educational, cultural, police, medical, etc.
  • To promote analysis at all level, globally, nationally and locally, of issues concerning young people in conflict with law
  • To create alternate and changing solutions to problems in the field of juvenile justice
  • To contribute to the improvement of legislation, education, justice, police, health care and social issues
  • To create a knowledge space which is universally applicable and hence reach other to to professionals, institutes and organisations by means of databases, conferences, workshops and seminars
  • To provide support and information to developing countries so that they may create a healthy juvenile justice system
  • To promote the formation of an worldwide network of juvenile justice observers
  • To create awareness about commitment to solving issues relating to young offenders
  • To promote and organise international gatherings which seek to sharing and widening the base of knowledge regarding juvenile justice.

For more information visit the IJJO website