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Child Rights Information Network

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The Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) is an international body that supports the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The aim of the organisation is to publish knowledge through research and investigations so as to provide this information to states so that they may fulfil their commitment to the UNCRC.

CRIN has 2189 member organisations across the world. Members can be NGOs, UN agencies, community based organisations, research institutions, IGOs and governmental organisations. Organisations submit their reports to CRIN so that the international community and state governments can become aware of specific concerns with regard to child rights.

Beyond a space for sharing information, CRIN also takes up certain campaigns. In 2010 CRIN is involved in two campaigns. The Transparency campaign calls for the UN to make publicly available the process and qualifications of hiring people into important positions such as the Executive Director of UNICEF. The Complaints Mechanism for Children aims to get the UN to establish a process and forum for children and their representatives to be able to make complaints about child right violations. CRIN has also taken up various other activities such as monitoring the work of international bodies concerning child rights, campaign against inhumane sentencing of children under penal codes,

For more information visit the CRIN website