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Child Helpline International

CHILD Protection & Child Rights » VII. International Mechanisms » 5. Child Helpline International


Child Helpline International (CHI) is a global network of child helplines working on the issue of child protection. The vision of CHI is to create a world where children can express themselves through telecommunication, which gives them an individual voice and in turn allows for their participation in shaping their world and realising their rights. CHI aims at responding to children in need of care and protection as well as voicing their concerns to policy makers. As per November of 2009 CHI has 107 full members, as well as is working with 26 countries to establish child helplines.

CHI has set out a new set of strategic goals for 2007 - 2010

  • Improve the child protection system
  • Increase the recognition of children's voices
  • Establish an effective global network of child helplines
  • Facilitate adequate response to all children in need of care and protection

CHI objectives are:

  • To strengthen existing helplines by giving them a platform to share and exchange ideas and information so as to improve their own services
  • To help set-up child helplines where there are none and there is a need to improve the safety net available
  • To globally advocate for the fulfilment of rights as per the UNCRC

For more information visit the CHI website