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Date : 14th December,2007

Duration : 10.30 am to 2.30 pm

The basic objective of this workshop was to bring forth issues faced by children living in difficult circumstances on an interactive platform with teachers, principals, the police, CHILDLINE India Foundation, West Bengal State Aid Cell, few NGOs and the authorities of Sarbashiksha Abhiyan with the Child Welfare Committee Chairperson at every point assisting them in opening up avenues/suggestions as and when they needed it.

The workshop started off with the facilitator, an educationist and a social activist by profession welcoming the children and the other participants at the interactive session. The children introduced themselves and at the very outset moved ahead discussing issues they frequently confronted in the community as well as in school.

Major issues which the children raised were frequent hike in school fees irrespective of sessions, inability to learn computers despite interest due to exorbitant charges, teachers not taking much interest at the beginning of the session due to less number of children in the class as some parents are unable to get their children admitted at the initial stage because of the money factor, teachers often using abusive languages subsequently demoralizing the morale of the children, microphones buzzing even after the Pujas are over despite repeatedly bringing it to the notice of the local club authorities thus affecting their studies, drinking water contaminated due to water tank not cleaned regularly, frequent police raids in the locality and police refusing to listen to the children resulting in children becoming victims of further collision in the area, children being married off at the age of 13/14, during summer fans are on in teacher’s rooms whereas children need special permission if they require the fan and finally inadequate number of toilets, not properly cleaned also.

Discussions that followed against issues that were raised was to orient primary school teachers, involve mothers more in the mothers & teachers association, identify schools who charge exorbitant fees, teachers to give importance to children who are weak in studies and hence allow them to sit in front, organize workshops with teachers as to how to teach children living in difficult circumstances, encouraging exposures for children, working out on concessions with the authorities of places where children can go for an exposure visit, any issue related to children to be produced before the CWC, processes to be worked out with parents involvement, parents more interested about the Class VIII certificate rather than encouraging their children to go for the Board examinations. As parents were involved in domestic work particularly the mothers it was suggested to the teachers to hold meetings once in every 3 months on Sundays and a final call from the participants was whether children could be a part of the Managing Committee in schools.