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Tirupur CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events

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Rally against Child Labour

Nearly 200 children take out procession in Tirupur.

Tirupur CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events

The Childline Se Dosti was marked by an awareness rally taken out by 200 children from various schools across the city on November 11, 2011.

Children marched in the rally carrying placards and raising slogans against the social evil of child labour carried placards.

Tirupur CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events

The rally also urged public to s end children to schools. Their mission was to ensure that children of their age do not end up becoming child labour and the people became aware of anti-child labour laws. The participants raised slogans against those employing children in hazardous fields.

Tirupur CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events  

Tirupur CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events

On November 18, the CHILDLINE Tirupur team along with the children from Save residential school tied the Suraksha Bandhans to the Superintendent of Police, Tirupur and police officials at the SP office, the Regional Transport Officer, Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories, Officers of Labour Department and Officers of the Education department.