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Mysore CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events

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Mysore CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events

For a cause: Students taking part in the campaign to spread awareness about the child helpline, 1098, in Mysore on Tuesday. - PHOTO: M.A. SRIRAM

Students of Government primary and high school, Mysore participated in the rally on November 8, 2011 at People's Park . The rally was organised by CHILDLINE Mysore to create awareness about CHILDLINE 1098 and seek their support for protecting child rights.

The rally saw children along with CHILDLINE team chant slogans, carry banners and placards and walk to a noble cause. The signatures campaign held at the Dasara Exhibition Grounds on November 14, 2011 saw students, lawyers, social activists, teachers, traders, and the general public came together to support towards the cause.

Mysore CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events

Mysore CHILDLINE Dosti 2011 Events

Various competitions for children and a signature campaign was organised during the week. Children from government schools across the city participated in various events to create awareness on child rights.