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CHILDLINE Kanyakumari saves 32 children from physical and sexual assaults

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Abusive Orphanage - Keeper Arrested

CHILDLINE Kanyakumari saves 32 children from physical and sexual assaults

  CHILDLINE Kanyakumari saves 32 children from physical and sexual assaults

July 4, 2010. Bujaperuvilai, Agatheeswaram. The owner of Arumai Packiam Immanual (API) orphanage was arrested by local police for physical and sexual abuse of the inmates of his orphanage. The FIR was filed by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), after CHILDLINE Kanyakumari rescued 32 children from the shelter home. The children included 14 boys and 18 girls, in the age bracket of three to 14 years.

Phone rings and initiates intervention

The operation began when on June 28, a mother of one of the inmates of the home called CHILDLINE and complained that in API orphanage around 40 children are housed in small rooms and the owner of the home, abuses the children both physically and sexually. She requested CHILDLINE to rescue the children from the home.

CHILDLINE's team immediately visited the home and confirmed the complaint. Initially, the children were scared to talk to them. However, the team persisted and builds a rapport with the kids to dig out information.

" The owner physically assaults them without sufficient reason and every day two or three children are taken to his house that is close to the orphanage and compel them to Massage him and abuse them sexually", the children later confessed to the CHILDLINE team members.

" The owner very often hugs them and touches them at places that are sensitive and if not cooperated he assaults them ", a girl further complained.

Since, the parents were not allowed to meet the kids, they were not able to complaint to them and hence requested CHILDLINE to rescue them from the home.

CHILDLINE in action

The rescue operation began by drafting a report based on the intervention, which on June 30, the CHILDLINE Coordinator C Queen, submitted personally to the District Collector and Chairman of CHILDLINE Advisory Board. The copies of the report were also handed to District Social Welfare Officer (DWDO), District Superintendent of Police (DSP), CWC, Tirunelveli and Inspector Anti Human Trafficking Wing (IAHTW), Nagercoil, requesting a suitable action to rescue the children in distress.

CHILDLINE Kanyakumari saves 32 children from physical and sexual assaults

Children rebel against the torture

On July 3, three children unable to bear the torture, came out from the home and went to complaint to South Thamaraikulam police. The police informed the Home owner to take the boys back.

As, later informed by the warden of the orphanage, the owner went to the police station to bring them to back and allegedly started assaulting them all through the way from the police station to the Home. And, later struck them with chairs and hit the boys on the walls in which the boys sustained injuries . He also shunted the warden out from home for complaining to CHILDLINE.

At this she contacted 1098 and informed about the torture and requested immediate rescue of children who are in distress. CHILDLINE instantaneously informed DSWO and IAHTW, who without delay visited the Home and arranged for the police protection to the children for the night.

CHILDLINE also informed CWC Tirunelveli, Sahila Banu, Superintendent Government Reform Home about the incident and requested help to rescue the children.

All the 32 children from the home were rescued and presented to CWC. The District collector appreciated CHILDLINE's efforts and initiatives.