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A Glimpse Of The Future

At CHILDLINE working on the future all the time, is the single most important activity. We have chalked down a few things we wish to achieve in the coming years.

  • Reach: 10 million children per year.
  • Envisioning NICP to make it the most comprehensive initiative in the country for mainstreaming Child Protection - The Child Protect Net.
  • Reinvigorating Children's participation in CHILDLINE through Children's Advisory Councils.
  • Making Advocacy on US Dollar/issues a major thrust area for the entire network.
  • Enhance service excellence and move from being activity oriented to being goal oriented.
  • Prioritise CHILDLINE launch to the most under represented and under reached thematic child right areas.
  • Optimise new technologies for upscaling CHILDLINE reducing cost per call and making operations systems leaner and more professional.
  • Make CHILDLINE the most recognised reference point for Child Rights.