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CHILDLINE 1098 SERVICE » History » The birth of the magical 'Dus....Nau....Aath....'

The birth of the magical 'Dus....Nau....Aath....'

"We roam ten cities. How will we remember 10 numbers?"

"It costs money to make a phone call, what happens when we are broke?"

"The helpline couldn't limit itself to a city, its users are not bound by territory"

These were amongst the few questions thrown by the kids.

The solution was simple! What they were asking for was a toll-free number, a service that would travel across the country, just like the children it would serve!

Birth of childlineIt was only after a long wait of three years, two dharnas by the children, and the threat of a hunger strike, the national toll-free number 1098 of CHILDLINE, was inaugurated on 20th of June 1996 by Mr. Tyagi, the then Commissioner of Police of Mumbai.

'One-Zero-Nine-Eight' did not resonate with Jeroo. She was looking for a teaser, a catch line that would excite the children. A number that would ring a bell in their minds and be easy for them to memorize.

As usual the solution came from the children, one of the children saw what all grown-ups had failed to see. And then it seemed so obvious!

"Dus-Nau-Aath!" "Didi, it's an easy number to remember," they said.

There it was. We decided to publicize the number as dus-nau-aath (ten-nine-eight) instead of calling it one-zero-nine-eight. The numbers were in descending order and easy to remember.