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Dosti Short Film Making Competition

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Dosti Short Film Making Competition

Dosti Short Film Making CompetitionCHILDLINE seeks to embark upon a new relationship with the youth in a manner that is both innovative and impelling. As individuals with a creative flair we persuade you to participate in one of the most exciting competitions during the Childline Se Dosti week- the Short film making competition.

Each film can be created by a team of any number of individuals. There are two categories under which films can be submitted:

1) 3 minute film


2) 30 second film on any of the following situations:

Everyday you hear screams from your neighbour's house. They have a 15-year old working as a domestic maid. At times, you see her outside with bruises on her body. She looks depressed and scared. As a neighbour, you share good relations with his household. But the thought that they are abusive employers disturbs you. What next?


You stop your car at the traffic signal. A woman with a malnourished looking infant in her arms comes around begging, asking for food for the child. You give her money, hoping that this would help her buy food for herself and the child. You see them again next week at the same traffic signal in the same plight. Where do the answers lie?


12 year old Raju has landed at Mumbai Railway Station. He had a fight with his family and fled. He does not wish to return. What next?

The entries will be judged by a panel of judges including, Ram Madhvani and Manish Acharya on the basis of concept, execution and the apt use of the Childline 1098 number, thus encouraging you to think social and be creative. Is your head already buzzing with a lot of creative ideas? Registration CLOSED.

Deadline: December 15, 2010

You, as a Childline Dost will be an ambassador for child protection. Become a Childline Dost today.

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