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CHILDLINE 1098 - Dosti Corner

CHILDLINE 1098 Service » CHILDLINE Se Dosti » Dosti Corner

The Dosti Corner is ideas for those who are enthused and determined to help us spread awareness on CHILDLINE 1098 while also have fun during the CHILDLINE Se Dosti week! Your Dosti Corner could be created near your office desk, at your college campus, near your school canteen or anywhere you please.

Use colour, creativity and your imagination to draw more people to your corner and encourage them to become a CHILDLINE 'Dost' by taking the Oath, talking to them about CHILDLINE, encouraging them to leave messages on the tag board and creating a space where they can unwind and get to know about CHILDLINE.

CHILDLINE 1098 - Dosti Corner

CHILDLINE 1098 - Dosti Corner

If your organization wants to have a dosti corner please contact