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Child Sexual Abuse in India

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Child Sexual Abuse in India
Child Sexual Abuse in India

•  Rescue from an Abusive and Exploitative Living Situation

In this intervention, 13-year old Asha was rescued from an institution near Chennai. The young girl not only had to cook and clean for all the residents but also had to care for an infant and also suffered verbal and sexual abuse. A volunteer at the institution called CIF and the organisation brought the girl to the centre and filed an FIR against the director of the institution under Section 377 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 4 of the Tamil Nadu Women's Physical Harassment Act 1998. The girl was produced before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for further rehabilitation. As a result of this intervention, the state government closed down the institution and transferred the inmates to alternate accommodation. At present, the girl is in an NGO in Chennai.

Child Sexual Abuse in India Line-1

•  Rescue from Sexual Abuse

In this intervention, nine-year old Shanta who lives in Kanyakumrai was rescued. The daughter of a daily labourer, the girl was sexually abused by her neighbour. After much coaxing, she told her parents what had happened. However as the abuser was an influential person, the police did not register the complaint. As the parents knew about CHILDLINE, they called for assistance and with its help were able to lodge the complaint. The family was however further harassed and as the police refused to cooperate, CHILDLINE took the case to the chairman of the State Women Commission. Through the intervention of the Commission, the accused was arrested and jailed. The girl was sent for counselling and enrolled in another school where she is at present continuing her studies. CHILDLINE also supported the family to compensate for the wage loss during this time.

Child Sexual Abuse in India

•  Prosecution of a Sexual Abuser

In this intervention, six-year old Muskan was rescued from sexual abuse by a forty year old man. She was subject to sexual abuse regularly till a neighbourhood boy noticed that something was wrong and informed her parents. The next day, the man was caught in the act and beaten up.

The girl's father then called CHILDLINE Kanchipuram and was advised to lodge a complaint with the police. However no FIR was registered. CIF approached TULIR, an NGO dealing with child sexual abuse cases. After much paper work, a case was filed under Section 4-354 IPC Act (Harassment of Women) and at present, the culprit is behind the bars. Geographically the area of Gummidipoondi falls outside the district of Kanchipuram. However due to the constant networking and efforts of the related agencies namely; the probation officer, the CWC chairperson, the superintendent and district superintendent of police of Thiruvallur and Tulir, not only was a young child protected, there was also an awareness created about CHILDLINE in a new district