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Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse

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Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse or CSA is a very critical issue faced by children across the country.

For the CHILDLINE team, it has been and continues to be an issue of prime concern, as they face cases and issues related to it day in and day out. In such cases it becomes extremely important for the team to be equipped with skills to identify the occurrence of abuse and then assist the child and the family to deal with it through medical treatment and psychological counseling. Additionally they also need to raise awareness and sensitize the general public on the existence of CSA.

The CHILDLINE Mumbai City Coordinator participated in a series of two workshops on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse. The details of the workshops are:

The workshop was organized on August 23 2007 by Arpan, an NGO which works on Awareness about Child Sexual Abuse and the venue was Don Bosco School , Matunga.

The workshops were held in the months of August and the follow-up was in October 2007, respectively and covered:

1) Concepts related to CSA, definition of a paedophile, how trauma and CSA affects children's minds who have been victims or survivors.

2) Theoretical inputs on how Trauma affects the cognitive and behavioural patterns of the child who has been abused. Exposure to trauma could result in restlessness in children, impulsive, daydreamers, lack of trust, despair, sense of helplessness, deep feelings of guilt/ shame inappropriate sexual fear and behavior as a result.- Some other behavior onset are: Low self esteem, anti social behavior, victim syndrome, over responsible, submissiveness, Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), parenting. Often there are issues in attachment patterns in children who have suffered sexual abuse

3) Ways of helping a child to cope with such trauma. As a part of treatment, clients go through a mental slideshow – visualize pleasant experiences – as a stabilization exercise.

4) Issues of Burnout among professionals and how to tackle them Burnout affects the self and is often ignored. This happens to most professionals working in any areas but specifically in areas resulting in high stress levels. Thoughts and feelings of disillusionment, abandonment of client, feeling guilty, relationship problems, lack of interest, feeling listless, anger, frustration. Loss of interest in sex and not keen on having simple fun activities are some of the symptoms of burn-out.