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CHILDLINE India Foundation - Campaigns - Say No To Child Labour - Stories across India - Thrissur

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Seminar on child labour

CHILDLINE India Foundation - Campaigns - Say No To Child Labour - Stories across India - Thrissur

Child labour was the biggest obstacle in the way of universal education and development and over half a decade after the government prohibited employment of children in residences and the hospitality sector, the ban seems to remain a paper tiger highlighted the speakers at the seminar organised by CHILDLINE Thrissur to mark World day against child labour on June 12, 2012.

P.K. Jayasree, Additional District Magistrate, P.O. George, Chairman, Child Welfare Committee (CWC) E.K. Shamsuddhin, District Labour Officer (Enforcement), Fr. Pauly Neelankavil, Director, CHILDLINE Thrissur spoke on the occasion. Speakers noted that child labour was one of the worst forms of human rights violations. Abject poverty, illiteracy and lack of awareness were the major reasons that lead to child labour, they observed.

Addressing the gathering, P.K. Jayasree, Additional District Magistrate said that 'Child labour was denying children equal opportunities, justice and a dignified childhood. It puts children's present and future in danger. Child labour is a shame on our society. Society has a moral responsibility to create physical and emotional infrastructure to bring child labourers into the mainstream."

P.O. George, Chairman, Child Welfare Committee (CWC), pointed out "Child mistreatment was largely ignored in society. Though Kerala claimed high development parameters, studies revealed alarming increase in child labour."

"Insensitivity of society and lacunae in laws deprive children of their rights. Even as the government introduced many laws aimed at children's welfare, there was an urgent need to look at all these laws together, iron out the contradictions and find ways to make their implementation more rigorous and effective," he added.

Awareness campaign launched

CHILDLINE Thrissur organised an awareness campaign with an objective of sensitising public about rights of children. The programme aimed to educate public on menace of child labour.