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Campaigns - Say No To Child Labour - List of 10 ways in which you can get involved

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Say No To Child Labour » Get Involved

  • Call 1098 if you come across any child engaged in labour. We guarantee to take action towards the employer of the child and rehabilitate the child within a safe space
  • Read and understand the laws and schemes that enable children access to their rights. This will equip you with more knowledge on how the system works in India and enable you to take the right action
  • Be the voice of child labourers in India, discover the activist within yourself. Campaign against child labour in your vicinity. Make the stories of the unknown child labourers known to the world
  • Follow us on Facebook / Twitter. Join the CHILDLINE community's crusade against child labour by posting/tweeting about CHILDLINE's role in combating child labour
  • Download our banner and post it on your website or blog to show your support for CHILDLINE. You can also make it your facebook/twitter cover photo
  • Stay informed on CHILDLINE's endeavours in eradicating child labour in India. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter
  • Donate to our cause or create your own fundraising page (call us for further details)