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CHILDLINE helps Swati get her right to education

In Srikakulam, a town close to Hyderabad lived an orphaned 12 year old girl named Swathi. Swathi had lost her parents at a very young age and was under the care of her uncle who had put her through many hardships in life. Swathi’s uncle brought her to Hyderabad to work as a domestic labourer at the house of a well-known and well-connected businessman. She would be paid Rs. 50,000/- by her employer when she turned 18 years old.

Life in the city wasn’t easy for Swathi. She was made to work from 05.00 am until midnight on all household chores. Her every movement was restricted by the owner and she was not allowed to leave the house. She was made to eat the leftover food every night and was physically assaulted every time she didn’t complete her task on time.

CHILDLINE received a call from a neighbour regarding the plight of this child.

Instantly, a team member reached the location to verify the details shared by the concerned caller. When they rang the door bell, the distraught girl opened the door. She looked weak and sad. The team began asking her a few questions to better understand the situation. She told them about her circumstances and the work she was forced to undertake.

The same day, CHILDLINE contacted the Deputy Commissioner of Labour in order to plan a rescue of the girl child, wherein the girl was at home and her employers were out at work. The rescue was carried out meticulously. The girl was within safe care and the employers were asked to make a visit the labour department and meet the Deputy Commissioner of Labour. Swathi was kept under the care of CHILDLINE in order to give her the correct counseling and record her statements.

The CWC was intimated about the case. Based on their direction, Swathi was sent to the Government home for Girls at Nimboliadda, Hyderabad. The Labour department was requested to file a case against the employer. Unfortunately, as the business man had a lot of clout and influence, a case was never filed against him.

CHILDLINE continued to receive threat calls from lawyers and influential people to release the girl back to the business man. However, CHILDLINE never get in to pressure. Today, Swathi is happy and is going to school.