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The mysterious death of an innocent 11 year old girl was reported by a staff member of the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) to CHILDLINE. This girl had been working as a domestic labourer at the house of her employer when she took her last breath.

Kavita hailed from a poor family. She had been brought to Guwahati with permission from her parents to work as a domestic labourer in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Bora for a paltry sum of Rs. 300, which she was never given.

One day, Mr.Bora’s older brother reaches Kavita’s home carrying her dead body! Kavita was handed over to her parents who were shocked to see her no more. The employers family informed Kavita’s parents that she had committed suicide. They could not accept this and broke down at the loss of their young child. Kavita’s parents knew their daughter hadn’t ended her own life, but suspected that the employers had caused her death. They immediately filed an FIR against the employers for the murder of their child. It was learnt that the postmortem of the girl’s body had already been done, and the reports were being awaited.

The concerned caller continued to call CHILDLINE in order to get justice from the child. CHILDLINE assured the caller that they would put in their utmost efforts to ensure that they would get to the bottom of this case. The caller continued to assist CHILDLINE to help the parents of the child. CHILDLINE, along with the Labour Department went to the Police station to follow up on the case. The investigation officer also met CHILDLINE and discussed the matter. The same information kept coming forward- Kavita had committed suicide.

Kavita’s mother then came to the CHILDLINE office for further help. CHILDLINE assisted her in getting in touch with the Assam State Child Protection Society (ASCPS). Simultaneously, the Police investigation remained ongoing. On following up with the ASCPS, it was learnt that they sent a copy of the application to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

After a lot of back and forth, Kavita’s mother was going to seek legal assistance from HRLN in order to get justice for her daughter.