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60 children were rescued from trafficking; 9 arrested

Vijay Goel, a concerned individual called 1098 and acquainted the team about 70 children being trafficked from Jaipur to Agra on the Sealdah Express. The team immediately sprang into action and inquired about the time of the train and the platform that it would reach.

Soon after, the team informed the Agra GRP and the Police through a written application, to ensure their help in rescuing the children. With assistance from the GRP, 2 teams were made. All set to accomplish their mission, the team jumped on to the train as soon as it arrived.

60 children were rescued and 9 adults were arrested.

The children and their traffickers were kept under custody. The CHILDLINE team talked to the children in order to extract information on their whereabouts. It was learnt that the children were working in Jaipur and they were on their way home. Hailing from Bihar, Jharkhand etc, the traffickers had become the so-called care takers of these children.

The perpetrators admitted to having taken the children to Jaipur to make them work but they were taking them home too.

When CHILDLINE requested the Agra GRP to file a case against the 9 perpetrators, the Police mentioned that if the people were on their way to Jaipur to take the children to work, they could be punished, but as they were on their way home, it would be difficult to account them as punishable. Meanwhile, the children were presented to the CWC. All 60 children were provided shelter at the Panchsheel shelter home in Agra.

CHILDLINE continued to follow up with the Police, to ensure that the traffickers were punished. However, due to lack of evidence, no action could be taken. The CWC ordered CHILDLINE to provide counseling to the rescued children. Thereafter, NCPCR member from the Pradesh Child Protection Commission came to Agra and met with the children. She also met up with the Labour department, Health department, Police Department and ordered all of them to investigate further into the case.

With deeper investigation, the 9 perpetrators were finally proven guilty. During counseling sessions the children admitted to having worked for long hours in bangle making units in Jaipur. They had been employed for over a year. They were allowed to talk to their families only once in a while and were beaten up if they even mentioned wanting to go back home. Their salary was between Rs. 500- 1000/- per month, far less than was promised to them.

The shelter home which housed the children provided sports equipment for all the children- cricket bats, basket balls, footballs, rackets etc. A counseling report was provided to the CWC by CHILDLINE. Soon enough, each child was sent back to their home.