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14 children sent home after plight at a bangle making factory

CHILDLINE Delhi received a call from an informer who shared details of a group of children working under inhumane conditions at a Bangle making factory in Jahangi Puri. A team member visited the area to clarify the information given. Immediately, the Deputy Commissioner was acquainted with the tip off received by CHILDLINE. He was urged to facilitate a rescue operation to help the children away from their plight. After repeated follow ups by the team, the rescue operation was scheduled for 4 days later.

At 10.30 am on the morning of the rescue, the Police, Labour officials, CHILDLINE team and other officials gathered at Jahangir Puri. 6 teams were formed with a member of each department in order to enter 6 bangle factories simultaneously. The raid was conducted with due diligence and great efficiency.

During the raid, only 2 teams managed to rescue 14 children working at the bangle making factories. Children aged 6-14 years were trafficked from Bihar to work at this factory and made to live in one tiny room which had no sunlight or ventilation. Most of them had never been to school and worked for more than 12 hours a day.

The factories were sealed and the children rescued from their plight.

Every child was taken through medical examinations before presenting them before the CWC. The CWC directed them to Mukti Ashram Home in Ibrahimpur. An FIR was lodged against employers of both the factories under the Juvenile Justice Act 2000- Section 23 & 26, the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986, section 13 & 14 and the Bonded Labour system (abolition) Act 1976, under section 16, 17, 18, & 19 and the perpetrators were put behind bars.