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150 children from East India exploited as child labourers in the Zari industry in Jaipur

Say No To Child Labou

The truth behind beautifully embroidered sarees is a child's little hands working day and night to make a living. Many vulnerable children in India fall victim to their circumstances and forego a happy childhood for the sake of a better tomorrow.

This is one such story of a 150 children working in a zari unit in Jaipur, India.

In a tip off received by CHILDLINE Jaipur, a large number of children were believed to be working in small dingy rooms with no light or ventilation. These small rooms were homes as well as workplaces for children trafficked from West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

On receiving this information, CHILDLINE Jaipur conducted a raid and rescue operation of 150 child labourers working in zari units with help from the police.

The rescue team found 30-50 boys working in each of the Zari units in the most appalling conditions which were difficult to locate and even more difficult to monitor and control. The children were made to work for more than 12-14 hours a day without a break, for a meager salary of Rs. 200 per month.

These little children have not only lost out on their childhood but have also lost their right to freedom and liberty.

Today, 10 people have been arrested and booked under the Juvenile Justice Act (JJB) for the illegal use of children. Accoring to the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act , 1986, zari making has been classified as a hazardous form of child labour in India.