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Fruits of child labour: 12 year old boy free from work at a juice stall

In most tier1 and tier 2 cities of India, it is a common sight to see children working at dhabbas, juice centres, tea stalls. Poor families often expect their children to work, and in many cases the youngsters are their families' sole breadwinner. Others are kidnapped into a life of grinding work.

Fruits of child labour: 12 year old boy free from work at a juice stall

CHILDLINE Ratlam received a call from a journalist working in a leading publication in the city. He shared details of a 12 year boy working at a juice stall in the neighbourhood. The child looked over worked and unwell. The journalist was concerned and asked the CHILDLINE team to help the child immediately.

The efficient team reached the location. They approached the young boy who looked troubled and tired. Upon inquiry, the team was only able to determine the name of the stall owner. The boy remained clueless of any other details. The boy was then taken to nearest government hospital as he was in need of immediate medical attention. The doctor advised the team to admit the child to hospital and begin his treatment as he suffered from high fever and a stomach ache.

On his recovery, the team and a counselor tried extracting details of the boy’s whereabouts. It was learnt that the boy hailed from a village in UP. Due to poor financial conditions at home, he was sent to work in Ratlam. An ‘uncle’ (trafficker) had promised a good job with a high salary to the family. Unfortunately, like many other children, this boy was made to work at a juice stall for long hours to receive a paltry sum of Rs. 50/- per day. He was given only one meal a day which led to his deteriorating health condition. To add insult to injury, he was beaten up by the stall owner for not completing his tasks on time.

Thereafter, the boy gave leads to 5 other children who had come with him to Ratlam for similar jobs. With the help of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and the Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU) 4 of the children were found and restored to their families. A case has been filed against the stall owner and the trafficker.