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Say No To Child Labour - Child Labour Case Studies

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11 children from Orissa sold to Raju Ranga Pvt Ltd as bonded labour

Say No To Child Labour - Child Labour Case Studies

The plight of 11 innocent children began when their poverty and economic stature compelled them to travel to northern India in search of work. These children fell prey to their agents, namely, Bimal Oram and Kalsu Sahu, who lured them into handsomely paying jobs with accommodation in Rajasthan. To their dismay, the children were deployed to Shimla and sold to a company Raju Ranga Pvt. Ltd. in Rampur instead of Rajasthan.

Indira, Jawara, Bicha, Susil, Budhwa, Fagu, Eto, Karma, Bhupen, Ledhu and Jose began work in a tunnel as bonded labourers allegedly tortured both physically and mentally. Their employer refrained from providing even basic facilities for them. Tired and depressed with these harsh work conditions, 2 of the children managed to flee.

On reaching their native places, they narrated their tribulation to parents. Together, they sought help from CHILDLINE Rourkela to free the other children from bondage. Further, CHILDLINE advised the children and parents to press charges against the employer and lodge an FIR with the Bisra Police Station. The children were disheartened by the Police's refusal to deal with any labour related cases.

The CHILDLINE team and the aggrieved parents knocked the door of the Deputy Labour Commissioner (DLO) to find no avail.

CHILDLINE Rourkela moved on to contact is counterpart in Shimla.

CHILDLINE Shimla and the local police led by Rampur ASP S Arul Kumar (IPS) jumped into action immediately. They managed to rescue all the children engaged as 11 bonded labourers children under the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1976.

Subsequently, the children were handed over to the Resident Commissioner, Government of Odisha, New Delhi and were sent back to their native places. SK Bhargav, Principal Resident Commissioner deputed his staff to accompany the children from Delhi to Rampur, along with CHILDLINE team. He also urged the Sundargarh Collector to make necessary steps to receive the children at Jharsuguda railway station.

The rescued children were repatriated with their parents.