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CHILDLINE - Case Study - Street Children in India

CHILDLINE 1098 Service » Case Studies » Street Children

CHILDLINE - Case Study - Street Children in India CHILDLINE - Case Study - Street Children in India

•  Rescue from everyday beatings

Late one November night while the CHILDLINE team was interacting with the street children at the New Delhi Railway Station platform, they noticed a constable from the Railway Police Force staff beating up some of the street children on the platform. The CHILDLINE team member immediately tried to intervene but the constable was very rude and said he was just doing his duty. The team member then tried to talk to the Sub Inspector of the Railway Police Force but all efforts were in vain. All attempts to contact the Head Station Officer (SHO) also proved futile. The CHILDLINE staff members took the two children, who were beaten up by the constable to the Hospital to get a medico legal examination done. However once again our team got into bureaucratic hassles of who should be present and what papers were needed, till 3 am the next day. The medico legal examination was finally completed. The complaint was at last registered with the Government Railway Police the very next day. The Police Force reprimanded the offending constable. Following this an open house was organized in which forty street children participated. At the Open House issues concerning children's safety on railway stations were addressed. He assured that he would extend all help to street children in the future.