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CHILDLINE - Case Study - Rescue from Circus

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CHILDLINE - Case Study - Rescue from Circus

CHILDLINE - Case Study - Rescue from Circus

•  Rescue from Rajmahal Circus, Akola

In this intervention, the rescue of 23 children including six girls from Rajmahal Circus in Akola was made possible by the collaboration of CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF), the Esther Benjamin Trust (EBT) and the Esther Benjamin Memorial Foundation (EBMF) Nepal . Conducted on June 13 th , 2008, the rescue was also supported by the CHILDLINE teams based in Amravati , Gorakhpur , Guwahati, Jalpaiguri, Kolkata, Murshidabad, Nadia and Nagpur . CIF members were present throughout the process of recording statements of children, to ensure that all critical facts were included. The children were sent to shelter homes for the time being.

Sriker Pardesi, the District Magistrate (DM) of Akola meticulously planned the number of escorts for all the rescued and was extremely proactive in planning the restoration of those rescued. CIF also requested the DMs in each of the districts to link the families to existing government schemes especially in context of livelihood to prevent them from being re-trafficked. Additionally, CIF North team also met with the Under Secretary, Labour Welfare, who in turn contacted Assistant Labour Commissioner at Akola about the provisions of compensation for the rescued bonded laour.

The follow up on the release of compensation continues to date which includes the follow up on each child for appropriate rehabilitation support and to raise money/ resources for rehabilitation. Two of the traffickers from Nepal have been booked and arrested and the DM moved the entire administration in favour of CHILDLINE and took quick decisions, coordinated the entire process and set up of the vigilance committee. He directed the police, labour and revenue department to escort the girls back home and personally communicated with the DMs of the respective districts. It was the advocacy of all the involved teams including the director of Women and Child, government of India along with the others and the cooperation of the government of Maharashtra that helped to make this intervention a success.