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CHILDLINE India Foundation - Case Study - Drug Abuse

CHILDLINE 1098 Service » Case Studies » Drug Abuse

CHILDLINE India Foundation - Case Study - Drug Abuse

•  Child provided rehabilitation

A caller called CHILDLINE and informed about Raju, a fourteen-year-old destitute child living on the platform of Kharagpur railway station. Raju left home when he was just seven and does not remember any details of his family other than that he is from Bihar . Raju earns his living by begging and sweeping trains. When CHILDLINE met him he was in a very bad condition. Raju initially suffered from malnutrition, then while constantly inhaling dendrite he suffered from acute breathing problems and was detected with tuberculosis. He was then referred to a hospital. However the Superintendent refused to give the child free treatment. With the help of CHILDLINE and other authorities Raju was treated for free. Raju was later taken to a different hospital for more specialized treatment. Raju is now well and is again living and working on platform. CHILDLINE has linked him with a school for platform children where his case will also be followed up in the long term.