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Case Study 1 - Child Marriage

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Case Study 1 - Child Marriage

•  Child restored to family with assurance of no further harassment in the name of marriage

15 year old Nisha had run away from home because her stepmother would harass her and threaten to marry her off to the first man who would pay her Rs.60,000, irrespective of his age, caste, or physical condition. In desperation Nisha had run away from home and was missing for six months. Her father had lodged a police complaint but had been unable to find her.

In early June, the police found Nisha wandering in Jammu and picked her up and took her to CHILDLINE. Nisha was kept in shelter home till her parents could be located. Nisha told CHILDLINE staff that when she first ran away she had managed to find work as domestic help in a teacher's home for a few months. Once she earned some money she had gone to her aunt's house and lived with her for some time. However her aunt was unable to keep her indefinitely, so Nisha again left and was wandering about in Jammu when the police picked her up. After about 2 weeks, the police arrived at shelter home along with Nisha's father. Nisha's father had lodged a missing person's complaint at the police station and was constantly in touch with the police. The police informed him about his daughter's whereabouts. He was very relieved and happy to see his daughter safe and well. He earnestly promised that he would take proper care of Nisha in the future. The CHILDLINE team got him to promise that in case his wife started harassing Nisha again he would report it to the local police station. Only after he had agreed to all these requirements, in writing, and after he had officially informed the local police station in his hometown where the family lives, was the father given custody of Nisha