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Case of Study - Abandoned Child Rescue

CHILDLINE 1098 Service » Case Studies » Without Parental Care

Case of Study - Abandoned Child Rescue Line-1

•  Abandoned Children Rescued

This intervention revolves around a family living in extreme poverty in Kerala. A few years ago, the mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis and the father became an alcoholic and subjected his family to constant abuse. One day the father put his children on a train to Madurai and abandoned them. Some 20 kilometres later, the children got off and realised that they had been abandoned. The railway police referred the children to CHILDLINE who then published the story in the newspaper.

Their relatives read about the children and visited their home where they found the mother unconscious, who later died in hospital. They also visited the Tirunelveli CHILDLINE centre and met the children. Later, the father came to the centre claiming that at that time he had not been thinking clearly and that he wanted his family back. He also requested that for sometime the children be placed in a temporary shelter until proper arrangements were made. The children were then placed in a government home.