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CHILDLINE India Foundation - Workshop Mumbai

CHILDLINE 1098 SERVICE 1098 EventsMumbai Paedophilia Workshop

Mumbai Paedophilia Workshop

A one-day Consultative Workshop on Paedophilia was organised by CHILDLINE India Foundation on 29th April 2006 at S .P Jain Institute of Management and Research. CHILDLINE's initiative in dealing with the issue of Paedophilia had gained momentum from the "Anchorage Case". This workshop was planned to formulate a future course of action to deal with the issue collectively.

The objective of the workshop was to network and bring together social activists, child rights activists, social workers, journalists, lawyers, police, personnel, educationists, responsible Indian citizens and sensitive human beings; to work together and address all the issues related to prevention, awareness of Child Sexual Abuse and paedophilia and the persecution of offenders.

Ms Kajol Menon, Executive Director, CHILDLINE India Foundation, highlighted the current scenario of child sexual abuse and paedophilia, issues and challenges. Ms. Chitrakala Acharya briefed the audience on the Anchorage Case.

This workshop was attended by experts from the field of Child Rights, allied systems and NGO representatives. Child Rights experts involved in the case presented their learning's from the Anchorage case and the role to be taken by the concerned allied systems in the wake of the case. Following the presentation, the audience interacted with the panelists. A number of queries were raised and response elicited for the same from the concerned experts.

The panelist consisted of

  • Mr. Meher Pestonjee (Media),
  • Dr. Nilima Mehta (CWC),
  • Ms. Kalindi Mazumdar (State Monitoring Committee),
  • Ms. Maharukh Adenwalla (Child Rights Activist),
  • Mr. Paanmand (Department of Women and Child Development),
  • Dr. Sanjay Apranti (DCP, Enforcement Police),
  • Ms. Neerja Mattoo (S.P Jain Institute of Management)
  • Dr. Armaity Desai chaired the panel.

Based on the recommendations from the floor, a follow-up Plan of action evolved, with respect to all the departments represented at the workshop.

In its role CIF will facilitate the development of specific action plans to take the recommendations of the workshop to the next level.


CHILDLINE India Foundation - Workshop Mumbai Kajol's Introduction Speech CHILDLINE India Foundation - Workshop Mumbai

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