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CHILDLINE India Foundation - National Children Meet Excerpts

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Excerpts from discussion

Child labour & trafficking

Child labour & trafficking group comprised of children who were rescued and repatriated. They spoke on how poverty compelled them to become child labourers, subjected to excess work, exploitation, low wages, and harassment, physical and sexual abuse.

  • My friend who was one of 18 girls rescued from a brothel told me that they were sold together to a brothel owner for a bottle of alcohol.
  • When we do not even get money, what is the use of us working?
  • Government provides money for bal vikas (child development), but secretaries, pradhans eat it all up.

Children in institutions

Children narrated incidents in the family due to which they are resigned to stay in institutions.Most of the children residing in the institution are the ones, who have run away due to unhappy family atmosphere, beating/illtreatment from elders, poverty etc.

  • When we share our problems with outsiders and people who come to inspect our shelters, our shelter head and caretakers scold us.
  • Staff not good. "Gali dethe hai, marthe hai
  • Potato not boiled properly
  • No accha khana. Pura khana nahi dethe
  • Ghar nahi jane dethe
  • CWC visit the hostel, give assurance, but the situation remains the same


Children attending school expressed their concerns and views pertaining to the education system.

  • Teachers explain only once and if we ask them to repeat, they punish us. Do the students have the power to punish the teachers if they come late to school? Is there any provision or rule made if teachers are at fault?
  • Male teacher just have tea and go out. Female teachers bring their personal knitting work to school
  • New books available in the library but children are given only old books
  • Teachers attend functions/ ceremonies during important classes and call for special classes during holidays.


Children living on the platforms, child labourers always come in contact with the police and have had bitter experiences though some have had positive experience too.
However the ratio of bitter experience outnumber the positive experiences.

  • I was beaten like a animal by the police. I say there should be no police. Police is only forthe rich and not the poor.
  • We want a separate police for children.
  • Put in baccha jail for 8 days because mother could not pay Rs. 300 for release.
  • Falsely framed in murder cases and jailed for 4 years.


Children calling CHILDLINE hail from the lower socio-economic strata of the society and are dependent on the government hospitals and doctors for treatment. The limitations of the Public Service Delivery was clearly visible in the children's presentations.

  • Government hospitals sell medicines and give medicines that have passed the expiry date free.
  • Same syringes used for many patients
  • Government hospitals charge money though it should be free
  • Despite vacant beds in hospitals, children are not allowed to stay in the hospital

CHILDLINE India Foundation - National Children Meet Excerpts

Housing & Basic Amenities

  • No feeling of belongingness at home
  • Eve teasing forced evictions by army and municipality, garbage, no toilet and sanitation facilities, electricity.
  • Eve teasing, street children living on streets have no access to water, addiction among parents and children, lack of proper drainage leading to illnesses, no proper food, forced evictions by army and municipality, no proper environment to study, garbage, lack of toilet and sanitation facilities, no school, electricity were some of the things the children had to share regarding the condition of their housing environment.