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8th National Partnership Meet

CHILDLINE 1098 SERVICE » 1098 Events » 8th National Partnership Meet (Directors) » Issues covered in each task force group

Issues covered in each task force group

Network and Advocacy -

Focused on issues of attitude, awareness, co-ordination and network, gaps in the law, research and documentation, Sensitization and training, strengthening the networking, & advocacy.

Intervention -

Dealt with the need for training to Allied Systems, strengthening of city Advisory Board, Better networking and collaboration, Awareness among children about 1098, greater involvement of corporate sector, Preparedness for disaster situation, high staff turnover due to low honorarium, need to assess the impact of CHILDLINE and quantify them.

Partnership -

Focused on envisaging a larger vision of CHILDLINE, CHILDLINE to be a pro-active service, CHIDLINE advisory board to consist of experts (Children's Council), Strengthening the CAB as key
stake holders.

Technology -

The connectivity issue from land and mobile private service providers and inter-connectivity, Need for centralized call centers, need to develop Urban, rural and disaster models, develop the website into a portal for Child Protection.

The highlight of the second days meet was the presentation of the study undertaken by CIF on Comparative Analysis of CHILDINE call data for the year 2003-04 and 2004-05.

The primary objective of the study was to provide the first national level comparative compilation of the call data received by CHILDLINE across the country.

The study brought out the emerging and changing trends in call stats and the areas that CHILDINE needs to focus on. This study will be published and disseminated.

In the post lunch session participants were divided into groups to discuss on five major issues and produce a plenary action to be implemented in the year 2005-06. The groups deliberated over the issues, viz - Child Labour, Child Trafficking, Child Participation, JJ Act and NICP. Following the
discussion each group presented their respective course of action with a time frame.

Child Labour

  • CIF to ensure sharing of best practices in child labour intervention through the bimonthly newsletter. 2 issues in the year to focus on child labour.
  • Integration of child labour issues into NICP training for the year in each city
  • Each city to integrate with 2 child labour networks and play a key role in one initiative of each network for the year
  • CIF and the network to take concrete steps towards amendment of the Child Labour Act
  • CIF to prepare a concept note on Anti-Child Labour Campaign and circulate the same to the networks.

JJ Act

  • CIF to advocate with the Central Government to ensure that the Government sets a time frame for the implementation of the JJ Act in each district
  • CIF to share the findings of its rapid mapping of JJ initiatives with the CHILDLINE network
  • CHILDLINEs in the state to address implementation of the JJ Act in their state through a minimum of 2 meetings with the State Government and to address the following:
    • Constitution of CWC and JJB
    • Role of CHILDLINE in Juvenile Justice
    • Standards of care in the Government homes
    • Implementation of Foster Care and Shishu Greh scheme

Child Participation

  • Have a feedback mechanism on a quarterly basis in consultation with children.
  • Integration of children in to CAB and monthly meetings.
  • Guidelines for planning the structure, process and documenting the meet that involve Children's Participation.

Child Trafficking

  • Child Trafficking to be taken up in all NICP training during the year
  • Each CHILDLINE to meet and discuss joint intervention in child trafficking with the law enforcement groups in their states/districts (Juvenile Police, Border Security Forces, Border Roads Organization etc.)
  • Each CHILDLINE and CIF to initiate collaboration with 3 national networks working against child trafficking.
  • CIF to centrally take up training with BSF and other law enforcement groups dealing with child trafficking.

Re-envisioning NICP

  • Taking the National Initiative for Child Protection forward as a National Action Plan for Child Protection.
  • NACP to have a 4-point agenda: Research, Capacity building, Advocacy and Policy change, and service delivery. It would also be a platform to promote building of qualified technical child rights professionals
  • NACP to work at the national, state and local level engaging itself with the government, corporate sector, academic and training institutions, children, youth and the citizens.
  • Formation of a task force of NACP comprising of members of the CHILDLINE network, CIF, UNICEF, Government of India, and experts from the field.